Banker on the Bowls

Lem Banker was brimming with occasion soul on Wednesday, however beyond a shadow of a doubt: he wasn't dunking into the egg nog.

An incidental glass of wine at supper, OK, however liquor truly doesn't squeeze into this octogenarian's daily practice.

Many individuals actually view Banker as the world's best living games handicapper, in spite of the ascent of youthful PC geniuses who have neglected to drive him out of the business.

"My numbers are bizarre contrasted with others," he said.

"Be that as it may, they actually work."

A fast call - - Lem gives his home number to mixed drink servers, his trash collectors and leaned toward scholars, yet not "club morons" - - to ask about Thursday night's Las Vegas Bowl transformed into a somewhat extensive discussion, with Banker climbing his platform to uphold sees on horde subjects

Contingent upon his mind-set, they could go from basic entitlements (individual players joke that Lem never met a canine he could have done without) to legislative issues (an honest to goodness Democrat, he can yell about Gee Dubya the entire day, allowed the opportunity) and "gambling club jerks" (whom, he contended, look like Scrooge significantly more than Santa Claus).

Broker preferences Oregon in addition to a field objective in the Las Vegas Bowl, which has caused fervor this year with its Ducks-BYU coordinate.

Las Vegas is loaded with Mormon inhabitants and alumni of LDS-subsidiary BYU who aren't above plunking down a couple of bucks on the good old place of graduation.

The Cougars opened as 4-point top picks, yet the pointspread had tumbled to short 3 on Wednesday as bettors rode the canine.

"It's simply a not really good or bad play, nothing super," Banker said.

"My number was 1, so I like it at 3 however much I did at 4.

"For what reason do I like Oregon?

"They won a pie-eating challenge between the two groups and Donald's three nephews - - Huey, Duey and Louey - - play for the Ducks.

"I'll wager $2 on in addition to 3 and $1 on the cash line.

"Get my float?

"I bet every one of my games on the cash line.


Gotten some information about the aggregate, Banker could be heard  ยูฟ่าเบท    punching numbers into a mini-computer like those he has utilized for quite a long time.

"My number is 54 and the books have it 62, so it's excessively high," he said.

"Go under.

"I will wager it myself, as a matter of fact."

His top NFL play this week is Houston, which is getting 9 at home from AFC South Division champion Indianapolis.

"I like the game at 10 as well," he said.

"The Colts will be searching for home-field advantage in the end of the season games, however I think feeling is with the Texans."

Financier accepts NFC North Division champion Chicago ought to lay a greater number at Detroit.

"My numbers say 7.07 and they have it 4," he noticed.

"Numbers will be concealed in light of the fact that a great deal of these clubs that as of now have made the end of the season games will not be putting their best feet forward, will not be playing hard on the grounds that they don't maintain that anybody should get injured.

"On the off chance that these folks can't play it straight with the numbers, however, they won't get any wagers from me."

Broker alerts players to be cautious risking everything and the kitchen sink this week.

"The lines are intense," he said.

"Lines generally come from Costa Rica and seaward nowadays and they're no different either way.

"It's turning out to be progressively difficult to wager in this town when you need to lay 11/10 and you can get $1.04 or $1.05 down South.

"These boneheads don't need individuals wagering on the Internet since they need everything for themselves.

"It's insufficient that they have every one of the suckers who play spaces, blackjack, video poker and whatever else.

"They need to take advantage of the legit sports card shark as well."

Trustworthiness and uprightness are serious deals to Banker, who got comfortable Sin City 50 years prior when youthful Rat Packers (and the Mafia) administered the Strip and comps streamed openly.

"I've spent a lifetime constructing my repuation," he said.

"I might want to see one of the present games administrations administrators venture out and achieve what I have.

"I'm fit and work out routinely.

"My home is paid for and worth $1.5 million, my little girl's home is paid for, I have four vehicles in the carport - - two Mercedeses, an Audi and a Cadillac.

"Everything's paid for, I have no bills and I have cash in the bank.

"Furthermore, individuals who realize me will let you know I'm not a high player."

Broker doesn't have an extended rundown of pleasant comments about NFL players - - he considers the number of give 100% constantly - - however gives the universities honors.

"The universities play hard," he said.

Demonstrating that he'll bet on top picks when he gets "the inclination," Banker promoted Rice over Troy State in Friday's New Orleans Bowl.

The Owls opened at less 6, yet the spread was 4 to 4 1/2 on Wednesday.

"I can't discuss some bowl games since I'm under agreement, however I truly like Rice since it's played a harder timetable," Banker said.

"I know it's in New Orleans, however not jambalaya, not Rice-A-Roni.

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